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IELTS Speaking part 2 October 31, 2006

Posted by Steve in Speaking.

List of topics


1. a leisure activity you enjoy
2. an important festival in your country
3. a book you have read
4. a film you have seen
5. a TV programme that you enjoy watching
6. music you enjoy listening to
7. someone you admire
8. a child you know
9. a present you gave to someone
10. a present someone gave to you
11. a personal possession that is important to you
12. a job you would like to have
13. something you would like to own
14. a skill you have learnt
15. a teacher who has influenced you
16. a house you would like to live in
17. a place you would like to visit
18. a tourist attraction you would like to visit
19. a tourist attraction you have visited
20. a country you would like to live in
21. a place you know well
22. a place you have visited
23. an important event that took place in your life
24. what kind of clothes you like wearing
25. a picture or photograph you have or know
26. a public event you went to
27. a prize you won
28. a competition you took part in
29. a journey you went on
30. your best friend



1. nish - November 2, 2011

Good sets of topics…covers most areas…

Good if we can have some sample answers also.

Thanks Steve

2. k.yashwanth - March 9, 2012

kindly send me some information of all the 30 speaking topics to my mail plz kindly help me for this

3. Julia Robert - January 25, 2013

Thanks for sharing this nice post.IELTS Speaking is also very important and students should follow the IELTS Speaking tips for better result in IELTS.

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