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1. Lai Cam Linh - November 1, 2006

Thanks Steve, you are really kind! 🙂

Your lessons are absolutely advantageous! May we leave the comments here to discuss about the lessons and also make some questions for you? And if the writting is wrong, I look forward you will correct it (more formal, more accurately)

Best regards,

Lai Cam Linh.

2. Steve Stander - November 2, 2006

Mr Linh,

Of course comments and questions can be posted here. I am busy sorting out a forum for IELTS.

Hopefully it will be setup by next week.



3. Lai Cam Linh - November 2, 2006

Wow, really good! 😀

In my opinion, your forum is more stable than mine. Furthermore, it does not have Vietnamese typing 😛 he he… I try to writting more formal, if it has something wrong, please remind me…! ^^

Ah, don’t call me MR. LINH, call me Linh, I think it is more comfortable and more friendly. If you call me Mr.Linh, I will call you Teacher Steve! 😀

Enjoy your time, Steve! 😀

Lai Cam Linh

4. Tung Hoang - November 3, 2006

Steve, If I have an essay and I want you to check it, where can I post my essay ? .I’m your student from AUSTIL centre .:D

5. Steve Stander - November 3, 2006

You have two options. Either you can email it to me directly, or alternatively have a look at http://englishweekly.forumcircle.com
there you will find a section labelled IELTS.

Here is a direct link to the page

Personally I think it is a great idea to post your essay on the forum. This way I can help all the students at once and you could all learn from each other.

6. Huong Linh - November 4, 2006

Hoang, I think you should give him the essay directly!!!! haha it’s faster and you can make sure that he wont forget it!

Steve, can you help me to correct my essay even when the IELTS course ends ? :)) My application form (if any 😀 ) is also need to be corrected!!! ^_^

7. Steve Stander - November 4, 2006


The best way is to email it to me directly and if you want you could post it on the forum. I could post the corrected version onto the forum section for all students to benefit from.


8. Tung Hoang - November 7, 2006


My name is Tung not Hoang :D. I’m the student who asked you for the scholarship in the IELTS preparation class of AUSTIL centre.Please remember to help me and you can send it to my email or give me on Thursday.Thanks a lot 😀

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